We are currently laying down plans for our October seminar. It will be based around the idea of social media and how businesses use the various forms to enrich their presence and how it relates to their bottom line.
Do you have a case study we can use?
Have you tried it and found it has helped or hindered?
We would like to hear stories of individuals or groups,companies or sole traders, anyone who can show how Facebook,Wordpress or Twitter, linkedIn or Ecadamy or any other site has improved things for them in the present climate.

Mayor Horler , his fiance and myself in front of the Weston Wheel

Mayor Horler , his fiance and myself in front of the Weston Wheel

I was invited to join the other local dignitaries at the opening of The Weston Wheel today. It was an opportunity to promote the Chamber and Weston itself, with the added benefit of a fun afternoon out.
The wheel is a smaller replica of the London Eye, from the same manufacturers. In it’s first week, the Weston verson has been taking more money than any of the other 12 models across the U.K., including the London Eye.
The Wheel opened just in time for Easter and the start of the holiday season and immediately the queues started and they haven’t stopped yet.

The Wheel is 40 metres in diameter and at night is lit by thousands of tiny ice blue lights. The view from the top of the wheel reaches out far across the bay towards Cardiff via Steep Holm and Flat Holm.

We were joined by various dignitaries representing the Town , the County and the Hoteliers and Restaurant Association. Councillor Parker,Mayor Horler and his fiance Camilla and Sophie Michael, from the Hoteliers Association took a ride in the first V.I.P. pod, after we all enjoyed a champagne reception and Councillor Parker cut the ceremonial ribbon.wheel-and-plot-160409-0091 Whilst we enjoyed our champagne and chatted with the organisers and staff, I was pleased to discover that most of the staff were recrutied locally and more are being trained to further expand the team. We, Gail and myself, filed into the pod after it completed it’s first full run, accompanied by Keith Fern , The president of the Hoteliers and Restaurants Association and his colleague. The trip, for want of a better description, was paced to feel comfortable but neither too slow or too fast. We went round a full four times, which gave us the chance to pick out all the landmarks and take plenty of pictures. There was a commentary which unfortunately was drowned out by the noise of the air conditioning, a necessity on a sunny day.

Keith Fern, President of the H.R.A.

Keith Fern, President of the H.R.A.

The normal pods hold up to eight people but I would recommend no more than six adults and two children from a comfort point of view. The V.I.P. pods hold five due to the difference in seating and trim. The seating in the normal pods consists of two facing bench seatsĀ  whilst the V.I.P.’s get leather two tone fully upholstered seats, with a large arm rest between the two seats on the one side and a full couch on the other side. The V.I.P.’s also get a DVD player, although I couldn’t see why they’d need one unless it was for a corporate product launch, a cooler for champagne bottles and small insets for champagne flutes to sit in.

A good start to the year.

January 15, 2009


Last night (14/01/09) we co hosted our biggest meeting so far, with 50 people in attendance from businesses and groups of all sizes and levels of success.

Christopher Batt of the Weston College Business Centre, organised and hosted the evening with speakers from King’s Ransom, Barclays Bank and the H.R.Department as well as Christopher himself.

The event was held in The Bistro , Knightstone Campus , a wonderful venue , and started promtly at 7:15pm after a short introduction from The President, Chris Knight.

The theme for the evening was Commerce in the Credit Crunch.

A buffet was provide midway through the event and refreshments were at hand throughout. The President thanked everyone and brought the evening to a close at 10pm although guests were invited to stay and network after.

Our netx meeting will take place at the new venue, The Royal Hotel,on February 18th at 8pm for members, 7pm for executives.

Speakers will be present.