This week saw the chamber enter a second stage. In my first year as President I have made every effort to drive forward the chamber, pushing up the membership and bringing in new blood with ideas and enthusiasm. On Monday, at our AGM, we elected not the normal one but two vice presidents.

Taht in itself may seem small but its effect should be to free me up to concentrate on things rather than spreading myself over every possible task/opportunity. The new incumbents are both involved in daily contact with a wide range of businesses across the area and therefore will be able to keep in touch with the grass root membership. Chris Batt, one of those voted for as vice president, works in education and careers advie and as such, is a stickler for correct presentation which will improve the appearance of the chamber’s correspondence and a great organiser, having proven his ability with our Credit crunch seminar earlier in the year.

The other is Gail Parsons , who ,as a security specialist, is a very strong supporter of the business community. Also regularly in contact and very much trusted by a huge scope of local businesses, Gail has always been an advocate of shared information, sending out regular updates on security issues and the latest scams.

We also elected in a  couple of new executives,Lawrence Hebron and Jenny Trapnell. Lawrence is a P.R. and Marketing man and Jenny is a business banking manager.


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