Time for …No real change?

April 14, 2010

New head, Same thinking?

So, election fever has hit once again. The build up was the worst kept secret we’re told but with the abuse of the whole system it beggars the question: Why wait for an official announcement if it means nothing?
Mr Brown completely ignored the rule that states when the electioneering can start thus giving his competitors no valid reason to wait either. The role of our monarch in this has been turned into a ceremonial gesture, nothing more. It just takes away one more reason why we need them.
Meanwhile, the lying, sorry, campaigning carries on regardless. Sure, a few specific words and claims have to wait for the short trip to The Palace before they can officially be used but we all knew, as they did, that the campaign had started already.
If this was a business campaign there would be, well, very little outcry really. But had the release of a new film been set and advertising leaked early, the film distributors would protest. Had a new product been in development and photographs released to select websites illegally, and then claims and counterclaims would be flying from lawyer to lawyer.
As it is, our decision makers, the law makers indeed feel free to flaunt all rules when it comes to ensuring self preservation.
Do we really believe anyone who gets in to the top job has any intention of really making any substantial change? The systems that are in place to ensure our supposed stability and safety wouldn’t allow any radical make over. The implementation of anything from Whitehall depends on the unelected public servants to make it come to fruition and if they decide to bog it down or dilute it so it has little of its original bite then it won’t happen. We may vote one person into the position but they will never have all the power. They will have to compromise and sacrifice so many of their promises that the only real manifesto would be one that says “ We will try to possibly attempt to do the following..”
All those that get in will do is, try to slow down or derail the actions put in place by their predecessor and to stamp their own identity on the role. Very little else is possible without the cooperation of the mass unnamed civil service flunkies who don’t have to change when parliament does.
So, here’s to a lively campaign, a vibrant and exciting election and the installation of a new head with all the same options and all the same ideas.


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