A New Era Beckons

March 4, 2010

After a number of years, the time has come to collate and collect al the various online activities of the Weston Chamber into one cohesive site.
The Facebook site will lead and feed to the main site, as will Twitter. This will also involve a massive overhaul of the original site content and a transfer of the membership directory and all member profiles. In all, it will make the website much more simple for a few select people to contribute to and for me to run/moderate.
The original site was a super-site,growing in size all the time and rapidly became more than it was possible for one person to handle. It was , in effect, a victim of its own success.
The new site will still have the same basic content and aim and will use the same name and URL but will be driven by WordPress.
All this will take a while but will be worth it all.