Update and more

July 9, 2009

The chamber has been busy of late and I can say with honesty, I mean the chamber and not just myself.

The new executive has brought a breath of life into the chamber with two vice presidents sharing the workload and bringing new ideas and fresh enthusiasm to the board. The newly established membership team has brought a rise in membership figures and has managed to clear out the older deadwood that were still being listed as members but had failed to renew membership in the last year or more. The team has also managed to update all the contact names for members so we can direct communications to the correct person. Many of the original contacts had either passed on, moved on or left the company so causing a lot of chamber contact to wither and die.

It is essential when running any large group to constantly update and renew contacts. Your members won’t always let you know when staff changes are made and your letters could be heading straight for he waste paper bin for years to come!

The new membership team has proven itself by having regular team meetings outside of the normal chamber meetings and updating the executive as they work and on their results. The team has a treasurer, secretary and a few officers actually out and about chasing memberships in person and bringing a human face to membership applications. It has resulted in a rise of about 30% in active/live membership in the last year.

The next team that I hope to develop will be I.T. The chamber website was one of the reasons the chamber avoided collapsing entirely and now runs at over 100 pages. It needs a team to constantly monitor and update the content though otherwise we will lose the advantages of having it.

On the activities front, We had our AGM at Battleborough Grange and elected a few new exectuive members, mainly as executive but also two new Vice Presidents. The new members have already made an impact and results are showing. The V.P.’s and myself have met to discuss responsibilities and organising future meeings and speakers was one of the main priorities.

We hosted our second town centre business breakfast on the 3rd of June which was a quiet success with local M.P. John Penrose (Shadow Secretary for Business and Enterprise) as main speaker. This event is growing and will hopefully continue to over the next few months. Next is planned for September due to the holiday season.

I was personally invited to attend the opening of The Sand Sculptures on Weston Beach. It always amazes me how much skill goes into creating what are really temporary works of art.

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 15th of July at The Royal Hotel, Westonsuper-Mare. Meeting starts at 7pm.


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