Linking up and spreading the word.

December 11, 2008

Things have been moving, somewhat slowly and underground, at Weston Chamber and we are beginning to see results. As with all things involving large numbers of busy people, they are taking a while to get activated but they will happen.

After the meeting at Cadbury House, our next big event was at Rookery Manor. Now, during the Cadbury event, the visiting members of Bridgwater Chamber voiced a desire to return the compliment and to host a joint event in the New Year. Now, that has begun to materialise. We have been invited to be part of a joint meeting  at Rookery Manor. It happens that the Manor is situated almost midway between both locations so serves well as a location for the venture.Hopefuly this will take place in March.

Elswhere, Weston has been working on a new location for non-hosted meetings, those meetings which I hesitate to call normal meetings. Ordinary also sounds wrong so I guess usual meetings would be correct. Until we have settled into our new location, I will resist calling it our home.

From February we will be meeting at The Royal Hotel, Weston-super-Mare.

December sees us as guests of Howard’s Motors at the Citroen Dealership next to Hildeshiem Bridge when we will be hearing words of advise and encouragement from the guys at Tax Assist and hopefully other speakers to be confirmed.

January brings us Knightstone Campus and The Weston College Business Centre hosting. Again, speakers to be confirmed but to include Barclays Bank Business Managers.

Late January is the proposed timing for Bridgwater and the Murder Mystery Evening they are arranging. Weston hope to send along a crack team of amateur sleuths!

We have had more success with new members approaching us via the website so things are working in that field but sadly, we are at present slightly hindered by a lame Secretary. Helen, our erstwhile scribe, fell whilst preparing to join us for the xmas mel last month and , as a result, now has a cast on her broken right wrist!

Get well soon Helen and keep up the good effort!


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