Rising against the tide.

November 23, 2008

As we fall deeper into a global recession, with jobs being lost all around us and industries taking big hits, it is refreshing to see the activity of the Chamber growing in size and in importance. We recently held a breakfast meeting at Rookery Manor.

Now, I seem to have hit on a strange coincidence in business, that the best day for a business breakfast happens to be the best day for me to take as a day off each week. Perhaps the fact that we have dealt with anything from the weekend before and have a break before the weekend to come makes Thursday an ideal day for leaving the office but it also means, unfortunately, that I have to wake extra early on the one day I get the chance for a lie in!

Anyway, my moans aside, the second breakfast in as many weeks was to be jointly hosted by the chamber and Burroughs-Day Solicitors, a large company of legal and financial advisors based locally. The location was ideally situated just off the motorway between Weston-super-mare and Bridgwater, making it accessible from Bristol or Taunton too. The site is huge and one level so easily navigated by those with limited mobility. Rookery Manor is set within its own ground and has great parking facilites so all our guests were easily accomodated. They were met by the team from Burroughs-Day and handed their badges before being shown to the lounge bar for networking before the main event began.

I managed to make a few new contacts myself but my main job was to introduce the speakers and sponsors after the breakfast itself. The food was excellent, with toast and preserves being ready at the table when we took our designated seats and coffee flowing from the hot jugs delivered as we started eating. The plates of either continental or full english were proffered to the guests at their tables as the conversation flowed unniterrupted. I, being a host and President, sat alongside the other hosts and the guest speakers.

Before we knew it, the nerves kicked in as we were ushered to the top table ready to begin the main event.

As it happened, I just said a few garbled words and handed the slightly tempermental radio mike to Fiona Derwent, my co-host, to follow on and introduce the speakers. These were Geoff Harding and Kevin Butler, two gentlemen from the south west region of The Bank of England.

Kevin took control and gave us a detailed and highly accurate report on the recent past, present and hopeful future of the economy and its part in the global financial recovery. Needless to say, we were all transfixed throughout and the question and answer question ran dangerously close to overtime as the listening masses grilled the speakers. All questions were answered honestly and graciously.

Fiona nad I discussed who was going to do the wrap up, thank the guests etc., and at first I opted out but then had a change of heart and put myself forward, my thinking being that I had mumbled through the opening and needed to redeem myself.

I did better this time and hopefully didn’t embarress myself. The number of guests was very encouraging, being in the tens rather than teens as some previous meetings had been at othervenues. This I can happily say was in no small part due to the organisational skills of the team from Burroughs-Day. As far as I can tell, all those present enjoyed the breakfast meeting and took away something encouraging. I can’t tell you just what we were told due to reporting restrictions,(no, seriously, this is The bank of England after all), but I am a bit more confident that we will at some point come out of this dreadful downturn.

Contact Christopher Turner at Rookery Manor for a tour and more information on:


or T: 08454090909 F: 08454090908

Contact Burroughs-Day Solicitors via: http://www.bd4law.com/


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