First blood

July 17, 2008

Well, the first meeting went well. So I’m told anyway.

I was a bit too nervous and panicking to notice until it was time to shut up and let other people talk.

The preliminary executive meeting was free and easy really, more of a general chat which I mildly controlled or rather steered.

The main meeting, which in all honesty we should have started a lot earlier,was late beginning. This was due to an odd number of circumstances.The first being that a few executive members arrived late for the first part of the meeting, which was held in a small staff room. The second part was that fact, that it was held in the small staff room. This meant that we had no idea that the rest of the evening was to be in the main boy of the venue itself and were oblivious to the fact that a small cluster of people had gathered and taken their seats whilst we in the antechamber were thinking of calling the whole evening a failure and wrapping it up for the night!

When I finally suggested we ventured out, after a late comer mentioned a small group he’d passed on his way to the executive, we found a ready and waiting audience, a very patient audience too.

More importantly, it was an audience containing some new faces, two of whom I’d asked along personally.

That alone was encouraging. I was also pleased to see a few new members from the previous meetings had come along.

I waffled a little and apologised for our late start then introduced our host and the first speakers. After that things seemed to flow easily enough and before we knew it, I was rounding thngs off and sending people home.

Well, so I thought. Most hung around for another twenty minutes chatting and generally networking.

That seems to have worked as I’ve since had a number of emails hoping for more events of the same and other chances to meet new faces.

As they say, first one down, roll on the next!


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